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Register for “Beyond Aid: AHDH’s Commitment to Empowering an Autonomous Ayiti” Webinar Series Today. All donations made in November matched up to $50,000! Don’t Delay, Double Your Impact Today!

Beyond Aid

AHDH’s Commitment to Empowering an Autonomous Haiti

Three-Part Webinar Series

Part One: Restoring Sight, Transforming Lives: AHDH's Vision Mission in Haiti


In part one of our webinar series, we have the privilege to speak with Dr. Anika Michael and Dr. Benjeil Edghill, two dedicated ophthalmologists who have worked hand-in-hand with AHDH for over a decade and share the profound impact they’ve witnessed through cataract removal surgery in the Haitian community. Join us to learn more about our mission to eradicate blindness in Haiti. 



Part Two: Reimagining Care: AHDH's Healthcare Renaissance in Haiti


In part two of our webinar series, we are honored to host Dr. Anisa Shomo, a primary care physician, author of “Health is Love” and long time AHDH volunteer. Discover how her dedication has brought life-saving care to those in need and how she believes technology can revolutionize healthcare in Haiti today. This includes spearheading our current groundbreaking telemedicine program pilot, a lifeline that’s redefining how we provide care to the people of Haiti. We invite you to join us through this renaissance in whatever capacity you can. 



Part Three: Igniting Student Success: AHDH's Education Expansion in Haiti

In part three of our webinar series, we’re thrilled to have Dr. Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy, a founding member of AHDH since 1987 and our Director of Education, discussing the barriers we’re eliminating for students in Haiti, including tuition costs, transportation, & school shutdowns. Join us in igniting student success and lighting the path to a self-reliant Haiti. Discover how AHDH’s initiatives are creating job opportunities for professionals across Haiti, fundamentally transforming the vocational landscape and how YOU can be a part of it. “

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