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St. Joseph's Hospital

The St. Joseph’s Hospital is a flagship cause of AHDH.

Constructed between June of 1977 to July of 1980, by engineers and builders associated with our partner Non Profit – Coude-à-Coude pour le Dévelopement Valléen (CODEVA) – and supported by the people of La Vallée de Jacmel, it is community-owned and operated. St Joseph’s Hospital serves more than 60,000 inhabitants of the County (Commune) of La Vallée de Jacmel.

A significant goal of AHDH and CODEVA has been the modernization and expansion of St. Joseph’s into a full-fledged Medical Center. We are proud to announce that today St. Joseph’s Hospital is close to achieving medical center status.

Ultrasound was the first imaging technology to be introduced and taught at St. Joseph Hospital. Ultrasound is vital to developing Obstetric Services in this region of Haiti and to reducing fetal and maternal mortality.

AHDH’s Medical Committee is currently seeking to complete construction of our clinic and bring it into full operation. With the added capacity, we will be able to see more patients and provide additional services that may require overnight stays. We are also implementing a telemedicine program to ensure ongoing services. This initiative is a crucial step towards our ongoing mission of expanding healthcare access in Haiti, and with your support, we are confident in our ability to continue to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those we serve.

The Eye Clinic

Southeast Haiti's leading provider of comprehensive eye care
The Eye Clinic provides world-class eye care with top Ophthalmologists in the United States of America, led by Dr. Anika Michael of the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center. AHDH provides comprehensive eye care and specialized treatment for glaucoma and cataracts. Our mission is to combat blindness in Haiti’s southeastern region, and we are proud to work towards this goal through our commitment to excellence in eye care.

We are committed to advancing the standard of eyecare in Haiti, and with your support, we can make a significant impact in the lives of those who rely on us for vital eye health services.

Supporting Education

In Haiti, nearly half of all children are unable to attend school for a range of reasons.

At AHDH, we remain steadfast in our commitment to eliminate as many barriers as possible to ensure that children have access to education. We provide critical support such as covering tuition and uniform fees, and have implemented innovative programs in areas such as tutoring, motorcycle repair, and creative arts, with the aim of empowering children with new skills that will enrich their lives and create brighter futures.

The AHDH Education Committee is seeking to expand and solidify programs within local schools in Rivière Froid and Grand Boulage. These initiatives provide critical support, such as covering tuition, uniforms, books, and even hot meals, removing financial barriers that prevent students from accessing education.

Furthermore, our dedicated staff runs tutoring and creative summer programs that enable students to develop new skills and unlock their potential. By employing Haitian educators from within the community, we ensure that our programs are not only effective but also empowering for ALL who are involved. With your support, we can make education accessible to more Haitian children and make a lasting impact on their lives.

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