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About AHDH

Association Haitienne de DĂ©veloppement Humain (AHDH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in November 1986 with the mission of healing Haiti today because we believe in her tomorrow.
Through innovative programs that promote healthcare, education, and cultural enlightenment, we are dedicated to transforming Haiti and empowering its people to achieve their self-sufficient destiny.
AHDH was established by a dedicated group of Haitians residing in New Orleans, Louisiana, who recognized the pressing need for sustainable and impactful efforts to uplift their fellow Haitians. Together, they have harnessed their professional expertise, intellectual capabilities, economic resources, and rich cultural heritage to effect positive change in Haiti for almost 4 decades. 
Our primary objective at AHDH is to address the fundamental healthcare challenges faced by Haitians in La Vallée-de-Jacmel and surrounding communities. We are actively involved in implementing healthcare programs that aim to improve access to quality medical services, provide essential healthcare education, and support the development of healthcare infrastructure in underserved regions. We work tirelessly to ensure that every individual we serve, regardless of their socioeconomic background, has access to adequate healthcare facilities and resources.
We are driven by a collaborative spirit, and our efforts are strengthened through partnerships with like-minded organizations. By joining forces with other non-government organization, such as Coude-à-Coude pour le Développement Valléen (CODEVA) and Fraternité Valléenne, we amplify our impact and implement comprehensive solutions to the complex challenges the people of Haiti face.
In addition to healthcare, AHDH recognizes the importance of education as a catalyst for sustainable development. Through educational initiatives, we strive to equip Haitians with the knowledge and skills necessary for personal growth and the advancement of their communities. By investing in education, we aim to empower individuals and unlock their potential, laying the foundation for a more prosperous future.
We also celebrate and preserve the vibrant Haitian cultural heritage. We believe that cultural enlightenment is essential for fostering understanding, appreciation, and unity. Through various cultural events and programs, we create platforms for cultural exchange and dialogue, promoting diversity and strengthening the bonds between Haiti and it’s neighbors. 
At AHDH, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and sustainability. Through our dedicated team, passionate volunteers, and generous supporters, we strive to create lasting change in Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora. We welcome individuals, organizations, and institutions who share our vision of a promising future for the Haitian people to join us in our mission. Together, we can build stronger communities, promote holistic development, & actively contribute to a Healing Haiti. 
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Meet the Team

Executive Board

François Payen


Capital Portfolio & Engineering Manager
Volunteering with AHDH since 2015

Tiffany Roldan

Vice President

Executive Coach & Mental Wellness Advocate

Volunteering with AHDH since 2020

Ronda Lewis-Johnson


Home Educator and Manager
Volunteering with AHDH since 2011

Rickie Johnson


Financial Advisor

Volunteering with AHDH since 2011

Charles René, MD, FACOG.

Assistant Treasurer

Adjunct Professor, Tulane University, Ob-Gyn Dept. 

AHDH Founder, Medical Mission & Team Committee Leader since 1987


Sarah Amering, PharmD.


Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacist

Volunteering with AHDH since 2011

Nicole Vincent Michael, MD

Retired Pediatrics Physician
Volunteering with AHDH since 2007

Project Committee Leaders

Anika Michael, MD

Ophthalmology Team

 Board Certified Ophthalmologist 

Volunteering with AHDH since 2007

Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy, PHD

Education Team
Educational Consultant
AHDH Co-Founder since 1988

Anisa Shomo, MD

Telemedicine Team

Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati 

Director of Family Medicine Scholars

Volunteering with AHDH since 2013

AHDH Founders and Advisory Board

From Left to Right: Late Dr. Sylvain François, Ms. Fenelle Guillaume, Dr. Charles Rene, Dr. Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy, Ms. Jacqueline Simon, & Ms. Elsie Bouchette

Past Presidents

Ludner Confident, MD, DABA

Farere Dyer, MD

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