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Medical Services
We enable access to world-class services from top US & Canadian Ophthalmologists and Medical Doctors
"Because when we each give just a little, together we make a big change."
François Payen,
AHDH President

Healing Haiti

Medical Services

AHDH and Coude-Ă -Coude pour le DĂ©veloppement VallĂ©en (CODEVA) have partnered to provide primary care and obstetrics/gynecology services, including access to ultrasound technology, to the 60,000+ residents of La VallĂ©e de Jacmel through St. Joseph’s Hospital.


AHDH has established itself as a leader in Ophthalmology services in Haiti’s Southeast.  We focus on providing comprehensive eye care as well as specialized operations and treatment for glaucoma and cataracts.


We provide critical support such as covering tuition and uniform fees and have implemented innovative programs in areas such as tutoring, motorcycle repair, and creative arts. Our aim is to empower children with new skills that will enrich their lives and create brighter futures.

St. Joseph’s was constructed in July of 1980 by engineers and builders associated with our partner Non Profit, Coude-Ă -Coude pour le DĂ©velopement VallĂ©en (CODEVA). It is community-owned and operated, serving more than 60,000 inhabitants of the County (Commune) of La VallĂ©e de Jacmel.

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AHDH has established itself as a leader in Ophthalmology services, with a focus on providing comprehensive eye care, as well as specialized treatment for glaucoma and cataracts. Our mission is to combat blindness in Haiti’s southeastern region, and we are proud to work towards this goal through our commitment to excellence in eye care.
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In Haiti, nearly half of all children are unable to attend school for a range of reasons. At AHDH, we remain steadfast in our commitment to eliminate as many barriers as possible to ensure that children have access to education.

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We aim to promote cultural awareness and self sufficiency.

When you team up with AHDH, you are taking a big step towards building a brighter future for Haiti and all Haitians.
Together, we can do our part to ensure that Haiti truly is Healing.
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We empower people to succeed in Haiti without having to leave the country
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We create economic opportunities for local communities, fostering a stable future.
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